Buenos Aires
Very few have seen the city this way.
There were many cars in 2011 when I was there.
The Greens demonstrated against cars and
now in 2015 roads are reserved for bicycles and busses.
Our small hotel - the red house. Situated in an area with small roads and the botanical garden and the zoo near by. 
The table by my bed.
Near by was this beautiful
building with a library for children.
Glases cut and fixed together. (And my camera.)
Outside the hotel.
Small flowers in the street.
One day we visited the Museum of Modern Art. We took a taxi outside the museum. It was a fake taxi that wanted double price. In front of the hotel
a car had overturned. Nobody was hurt. Look at the pedestrian sign.
In late evening refuse was collected to
road crossings and a car brought it away.
The same was done all over the city.
In the next street corner a small restaurant showed the courses
it served.