A tour in Gujarat, India
At first we (my wife and I) participated in Ahmedabad kire festival. After that all people
went to see the tent congress area at Wite Rann Salt Decert. There we left all the others
and traveled to Dholavira an anscient city ruin. From Dholavira we vicited Zainabad
and went with a guide to Little Rann to see the nature there. Then we returned to
Ahmedabad through different small towns. The tour was about 1000 km!
In all schools the pupils start the day with gymnastics like this.
They cover vast fields with these mats.
450 km away the kite festival continued in a huge tent congress center.
In every tent was water. There is so little rain that this kind of
buildings are possible.
A school class and their teacher.
My kite on the enormous salt plain. It is like ice in Finland. Under the salt is water.
And the salt is some wet.
My explanation is that Dholavira was a main producer and port for spices to Africa and
Europe 4000 years ago. There are numerous findings of tools like small mushrooms with
a small hat. These were not for games, but for crushing the pepper when making food.
There is some indication that the Maori legendary seafarer had visited Dholavira.
Dholavira is on an island in the middle of the salt plain, whish before was open sea.
Here the long road to the island.
The northern main gate. The stonework around the gate is of totally different quality than all thge other stone work. My explanation is that this was made by Egyptians who were masters in stone work in old times. A scientist has found that Dholavira is built using 1,85 cm measure in every place and that the main measures were in exact relation
to each other, like 5 to 3. There was also a big slab of stone with curiously modern size 60 cm wide and 20 thick. How come?
The port was made of fine stones with special details
typically made by foreign experts, like the smooth sides
of the water container.
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