Buenos Aires 2011 with fine architecture,
many problems and beautiful women.
Birds and a kind of cobra.
On the high plain and up in the Andes.
To Catchi in the Andes.
Near Nord Cap in Norway.
A travel to Ahmedabad and Dholavira an archeological site
of immence importance to world history.
In the picture proof of very high technology
in cutting rock very smoothly. Proof of
good contacts betwen old Egypt and India.
The kite festival in Weifang, China.
On the right my guide, "The tiger",
on my tour visiting kite factories.
In Andalo where there was a kite festival
Kati and I wandered in the nature.
During the ice age the flowers and trees
of Finland had to flee south. The Alps
stopped the movment. When warmer
again, not all Finnish flowers went back
north. And thus here are the original
flowers of Finland in days before the
ice age.
The Corbusier´s house in Marseille.
So many fine ideas. And so little adaption
in modern architecture.
A trip to Estonia in high speed.
In Finnish and big photos.
In Kabul in 1973. Few of you have seen it.
My oncle Björn sailed around Cape Horn.
He had a camera, and most photos are
lost to a newspaper, but some are saved
in a very bad condition.

You can see the men up in the mast.
San Lorenzo is on the slopes near Salta.
An old mansion, a  beautiful botanical garden and a trip in
the large delta.

The river with the condors.

Road end at San Lorenzo.
Flowers, insects in hotel garden.
A lake with a lot of birds.
In the forest near Lorenzo.
Kite festival 2009 in Ahmedabad.
18 pages of 300 fantastic photos.

This is Finland
From Argentina
Places where I have been
The trip to Sala in Sweden