My wife and I arrived to Salta from Buenos Aires by air. The dry season has just ended and there had rained a little. The result was that all greenery flowriched and there were many insects. Here is our hotel in San Lorenzo, an area for very
rich people near the city and on the mountain slope, surrounded by a kind of rain
The brown areas on the map are high and dry mountains. Salta was chosen as
there is an university with a huge and modern faculty for biology. It is as near the
equator as you can go without being within the malaria mosquito area. Still there
are some bright blue butterflies typical for the tropical areas.

The map shows the routes we drowe and the arrows the directions. The map
is about 200 x 200 kilometers.
Servants carrying laundry up from
the laundry house every day.
First goes the father, then comes his wife and then come the children on horseback. Behind go the modern aborginal indians by motorcycle. Here live refugees from nazigermany and other of the kind. And they are very old fashioned. The many empty luxury mansions might be left behind
by unvanted people who have "disappeared".
On the other side is the military area.