The bird sea was near Salta. It was owned by a friend of our guide. The brother of the friend did not like saving the birds
but wanted to shoot them.
This big bird has sharp fingers on its
wings and is used for defending birds
against foxes.
In the tree is a curious round thing.
Cormorants everywhere!
These are not swans nor ducks
In the background a crane.
The big bird is very rare.
Only a couple of them exist.
A burrowing owl
I saw it swim and ran to the place it landed.
The snake is not a wiper but a relative to the cobra: "fake frog eating wiper".
The snakes are mostly harmless, nut the cobras have poison. You will only
die after half an hour if you are bitten. The bites from snakes kill you in two
minutes. It jumped and attacked our guide who became so afraid he run away.
Taking the photos from behind, the cobra could not jump backwards. But
from photos is seen that I shivered. When looking in detail on the photo
you can see the cobra has a blue tongue. The cobra is about 2 meters long.
They collect flowers and read flags to a holy man who had healed many
people with prayers. This tradition can have its foundation thousands of
years ago as the same customs are practiced in Tibet.
On the way back to San Lorenzo.
Social development housing area.
Four store similar houses in a group.
The city gave free plots to poor
people so they could build their 
houses themselves. In order to
stop exploitation like building
many houses on the plot and
selling them to others, there
had to be a group of polices
all the time on guard. You can
see the poor people have
collected free material when
possible. This development
can hinder development of
squatter areas.