End of our road
The steet leading to our hotel ended up in the slope at some rapids.
There was a nice restaurant with good food. The tables were made from
curious wood (see photo). The small frog was under the roof. Further up
I was attacked by black and yellow insects. On the way up were fine trees.
We planned to go into the national park by the path leading up from the end of the
road. But a police hindered us. Our guide and the hotel servants told us that there
had been two women killed in the forest. Investigations were not finished so nobody was allowed to enter. The police took photos of us with a smile.

From our guide we learned that the women were doughters to the brother of the
Frensh president and that it was a case of rivalry on the drug market. As I know
Marseille in France is a main European center for drug transports. Thus the
Argentinan president had ordered the murder? The busines in Buenos Aires is
much a result of huge drug markets.  Now there are rumors that the precident has
now in 2015 arranged her rivalry to be murderd.

The murderer was a military police working as a guide for the park.