Going to San Antonio
The rains had flushed away the road and now there was a temporary road at the
bottom of the river. At first you had to call the police and ask if the road was safe
to drive to day. Any rain would make a great flush and kill us.
On the slope the caterpillar is making the real road.
There are slopes with cactuses.
In front the tourist railway up to a small town.
Curious cracks on the slopes.
Somewhere among those mountains is the active volcano. But the road there was so full of big stones that we did not go there.
The road goes through a big valley which has been the main communication line
from west to east.
Down in the valley is a small village.
In the bar the boys only wanted to
guide us up to the ruins. And they
just sat and drank beer. In the bar was
this curious game board.
In old days here was a kind of fortress
claiming tax from all passers by. To 
carry water and firewood and food
up to the fortress must have been
a hard job. The stone walls are very low.
There must have been a roof on the
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