I bacame city architect of Jakobstad in Finland in 1965.
After some weeks in office I joined a group for a tour to USA.
I had 100 $ and a ticket for one month for 99 $. 
Iceland Air had a very
cheap airline to New York.
It was the only propeller
plane on the airfield.

The ticket was valid to
the next bus stop.
There  I had to change it
to a new ticket to the
thereafter next stop.
And so on, all the time
all over USA.
I took the bus late in the evening
and sat and slept in the bus.
In the early morning i put my
luggage into a safe and went
to see the city.
The bus had a toilet.

For food i ate enormous bananas that
cost about nothing. I drank Coca Cola
that was made mixing Coca syrup with
water. A very strong drink.
At some intervals I slept at a hostel and
washed my only white nylon shirt.
I had light shoes with thin nylon

Coming to a city I tried to walk throuh it
from end to end, to get a clear view of it.

There was a strong trend in 1965 to separate the USA into
several independent countries. Each country would have
its own culture and typical landscapes. That would have
been a good development with better democarcy and some
control of criminals. USA is to day so large that criminals
can hide all life.
Even Finnish newspaper wrote that
New York business is dominated by a mafia. To day this
is mingled into the government and authorities and the
result is seen in wars without meaning and murders of
Even the Worls Trade Center case is said to be
arranged by the mafia. The arabs did not know that their
deeds were known and steered by criminal American
authorities. They thought they did it themselves.

I wandered around New York City and studied people and

He is pulling a dead man along the pavement.
It is in the shopping center for jevelry.
And nobody is reacting.
Fake hair,
fake breasts,
fake eyes,
super high
tight dress.

There was and are still
towns with only German,
Russian or Spanish