Kites old and new pictures.
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The flying island. It is just one among all the other white islands in the sky. Here also a detail of the houses. 2000
A large bag kite. It is heated by sun and flies partly as a balloon. 2008
The mascot for the Finnish Nature Conservation League. 1986

The drawing and the finished kite. Sold on the auction.
The ugly kiteflyer and the beauty.
The signboard of the kite puppet circus.
A conekite designed like a tree. Sold in the auction.
The first flying circle. Here with a load in front
shortening the upper bridle lines.

A small cone kite with a gondola and a man standing in it. One of the kites for the children library.
Rotating kites on a line.
An automatic flying puppet theatre with musicians.
Idea for a kite of round dots.
A plan for a long flag.
God is looking down at you. An enormous flag high up.
Design of next bagkites.
The next flying plastic circle. Very light and transparent.
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