Sculptures by Mårten Bondestam

Most sculptures are moving a little.
In many there is a computer fan giving the pressure.
I have a tradition of inflatable bulbous kites and sculptures.
I also have a tradition of slim flags.
To the left a transparent kite filled with blue and green foils. To the right the kite "The Life Giving Rain" made from plastic packages for bread.
About 1990.
About 1984
Flag from 2004
Mobile operated
with a
computer fan
The Woman Leg
movements of
The Lonely Heart
Three bags operated by the wind.
Here movements of number two.
Size about
2 meters x
10 meters.
Were hangin in
Helsinki city.
About 1988
A very lively mobil.
Cervia 2004.
The White Line  15.6.2005