Behind the green curtain are soft sculptures
of Adam and Eve. Realistic and naked.
You can feel their parts through the curtain
touching them. Eve has huge breasts and
Adam has a huge penis.
It was interesting how a taboo made old and young
alike touch the interesting parts.
This is a kind of haptic sculpture.
Here is a kite like a big flying ship.
The copy of this was proposed for the local chursh.
But a shop for children toys bought it for a huge sum.
Art can activate your fantasy. This big flying ship
sails among the clouds ( it works ). Small people
go up the ladders and steer the ship to far away countries. There even is a small house on board.

Stories as models: This is the border between India
and China long ago. There the customs people of
the two nations live with the same fate. But they will
never meet.

This trap will smasch a huge knife through your hand.
But you are very prohibited to put your hand inside.
Boys were excited of this piece of art.
One boy even wanted to buy it.
Xylophones showing relation betwen tone, form and color.

Here are several expressionistic paintings.
The frame seems empty, at first.
But then you feel that it is not empty.
There is something. A soul?
Paintings like these tell about something not
possible to show with noemal means, but
that exists anyhow. The "soul" thing is the most
extreme experiment. Other pictures enforce
some feeling that is important.

At left is a curious painting and to the right is a painted fantasy landscape.
But when you know that the artist of the left painting is dark skinned,
then you understand that the painting says: "The color of you skin has
no meaning." The painting to the right has no meaning at all. It is not art.

The flat man with only eyes on the "table" and black loads
attacking is very extreme of some unhappy feeling. It is
possible to simplyfie situations so about only the important
expression is left.
Historical importance. The victim of the traffic accident with
the whole area in blood. From 1950. My wife from 1965.
A tree of life and happiness from the day of the exhibition.
About 2008. Together they show the development of my mood.
And people atre eager to try. Could give big pain.
In front is a composition caressing people passing under the
hanging different ropes. To feel the caressing sensation is
also art and can be done as a piece of art where the artist
desides how to caress.
In the background at left are the drums. At right is the coffee
table with a new cake every day. People liked the way things
were expressed and discussed at the table.