New boundaries of art
The known world is extended by scientists and artists. Each in their own way.
Through all world there is the same divider as betwen poetry and text of facts.
They both say something, but the poetry might say some more than the hard facts.
Here we see the known world like a green island and new coloured worlds
explored by scientists or artists.

Art is not only the simple picture of reality, but has other qualities or messages.
Some might say that this extra quality is only something "special people" will
experience. But that is not true. It is possible to measure with brain scanners
that all people experience something more than only the picture. 

But what is this "more". many times it has to do with an intence feeling of
1. It can be something wonderful - in quality like belief in a good God.
2. It can also be something disgraceful, horrible. But still a "comment"
    about the world or society.
3. The art might express something that statistics by itself cannot emphasize.
    And thus a horrible truth is not told by cold statistics in any understandable way.

This portrait of the world shows the tightly populated areas.
Enormous smokes tell about size of production and pollution.

Why showing a runner as a picture
of his skin. Why not show the relevant parts of him. Like lungs and hart
and muscles.
And show the runner so you feel the speed and beuty of mans internal system. A pumping heart. Big lungs
and the muscels working hot.
This is a self portrait. Close your eyes
and feel how your face feels. That portrait
you have always with you. In a way it is very
true. Philosophers have for hundreds of
years thought what man is. With many
different results. So scientifically this is
a success.
Rhytmic steps. A kind of fixed dance like the rules of normal dancing. The artist makes you feel your body.
Bow your head and look up to the portrait.
It is a big difference if you are humble or the
man in picture is humble.

Even this is a picture. A picture in
your brain. How to make that
kind of art?

If architecture was in two dimensions then this is not
a drawing but architecture constructed. City plans are
much two dimensional and why not in a small scale?
So what is the city plan in fact. What is the quality of
a city plan. Is it adaptable in a small scale? What is
the "right" scale? 

Try to project a line on the paper
with your mind.
Then when that is done, project
a dancer on the line.
How far can an artist andvise the
Some people can with mind make
a three dimensional projection
anywhere. Like a life size dancer
on the floor of the living room.
What is this? How far is reality a dream? In art these questions are
On the tapestry upon the red paper are shown tightly packed people.
Undernieth you can recognize individual people on a piece of paper.
Think this gallery 10 x 6 meters of walls with tapestry with people.
Covering all walls of the art gallery with this tapestry makes the 5,2 millions
of people in Finland.
To the right are symbols of Finland. The World population is 1330 times the population of Finland or like art galleries for more than 10 kilometers in a line
with  the tapestry.
The tree is just as old as Finland.
The history of the tree is the history of Finland.
Not a cold list of years and things that happened.
But something you have seen grow and felt the
greatness of - a big tree.

You are the red person. Within the ring are your friends and relatives.
Think how many there are within your country. And how many there are
in the world. They say there must be some complete copies of you.

So the artistic informations are: What a small man you are.
                                                       And what a horribly huge population there is in the world.
Plain statistics don´t say that so you understand, or anybody understands.
Here are many different pictures of man. Say: What are the words but just
waivs in the air, when two bodies full of mashinery are standing near eachother.
What is Monet´s thinker, but a heap of flesh claiming his abstract thoughts
are the essence. What is a soft man in a big metal plate car? How beautiful
is the lady when the scull and teeth are shown. I think she is really beautiful
and a balanced wonderful picture.
You can experience art through the movements of your body - in the way the artist has planned.
Laws can be like manustripts for theater plays.
The words " if suitable" are repated so there is
no logical meaning of the law. It is only a means
to enforse authority in the way authorities like. 

A new alphabet. Mainly the vertical lines are left out
and the differences between letters remain. R is a
dot as in the small r. M is a filled square as it
resembles a square.

When used for street signs like hotel names this
alphabet will make the millieu looking good.